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iPro Academy Reviews

Product : iPro Academy frad-lam

Created by : Fred Lam

Price : $1997

Website : iProAcademy.com

What Is iPro Academy?

iPro Academy is the definitive course for getting unlimited and targeted website traffic from all the major players — All while slashing your ad costs by one half or more!

iPro Academy is a structured program you can run at your own pace. You’re set up for success with access to the Community, Training, Coaches, as well as Fred’s own million-dollar insights.

  • Learn a never-revealed strategy to get maximum traffic from the largest websites in the world for literally PENNIES on the dollar!
  • Buy low-cost, high-quality traffic from Google while easily sidestepping their many rules and regulations!
  • Master all types of Facebook advertising to deliver qualified traffic that’s ready to buy!
  • Gain access to 2 MILLION MORE websites to advertise on through the Google platform!
  • Get HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of clicks a day — An unfair advantage to grow your business faster and cheaper than anyone else!

What’s different about it?

Everybody thinks they know how to buy ads on Google, Facebook and other major media networks. Truth is, most spend far too much money and time on unqualified traffic that doesn’t convert well. I know I’VE been there before, spending $1.00 – $2.00 per CLICK.

To date, there’s zero place to turn to learn this stuff! Yet, once you discover this information, you’ll have secrets and strategies to confidently buy low-cost, high-qualified traffic from Google, Facebook and more! You’ll benefit from higher traffic, higher conversions, and higher profits.

What’s in the training?

I really like this and it has something for everybody. The training is a combination of Video Training, textual training and a ton of screen shots. You’re not forced to sit there and watch hours of boring video and you’re able to get right into the meat and potatoes of it.

Everybody from beginners to PROS will come out of this with a greater understanding of paid traffic – and just how EASY it is to get started with and scale up IF you have the right training!

Modul 1: Learning the Fundamentals

This module is designed for those of you who are completely new to the online world. Specifically, you will learn…

  • Part 1: What Is Internet Marketing And How It Works? Dive into the internet world and discover what it means to create your own business online.
  • Part 2: Learning The Internet Marketing Language. Every industry has its own technical jargon. Understand key internet marketing terms to strive in the online world.
  • Part 3: Mastering Grade 3 Math For Internet Marketing. How do you measure your online business success? Learn how to calculate important success metrics to improve your advertising campaigns and ROI. We promise to keep it simple!
  • Part 4: Choosing The Right Advertising Channel. Where should you advertise your online business? 4 powerful traffic-generating platforms.

Modul 2: Creating Your Own Website

This module gets straight into the “how to” and shows you how to get started!

  • Part 1: Finding Your Niche. What are you passionate about? In this segment, you will find useful tools to help you decide on a competitive niche.
  • Part 2: What To Promote? Having trouble deciding what to promote? By the end of this segment, you will have a clear picture on what some of the best converting offers are.
  • Part 3: Creating Your Website. Discover the different types of website and learn step-by-step on how to create your ideal business presence online.
  • Part 4: Guide To Outsourcing. Don’t have all the time and expertise to start your business? Not a problem. In this segment, discover the best place to outsource your tasks for just a couple dollars!

Modul 3: Understanding Sales Funnels

  • Part 1: Understanding Direct Linking. Running affiliate offers? This is the easiest sales funnel you can start with.
  • Part 2: Understanding Opt-In Funnel. Want to build an email database and start making money on day 1? Learn about opt-in funnels.
  • Part 3: Understanding Pre-Sell Funnel. Prepare your prospects to buy! Learn how to create a Pre-sell funnel to increase your conversion rate.
  • Part 4: Understanding Review Page Funnel. Want to promote multiple products within the same niche? Learn how you can take advantage of a review page funnel.
  • Part 5: Understanding Webinar Sales Funnel. Are you an expert in your niche? Set up a Webinar sales funnel to engage your prospects.
  • Part 6: Creating Your Own Sales Funnel. Got your own product to promote? In this segment, you will learn how to create different types of sales funnel from Salesletter, VSL, to service lead magnets.

Modul 4: Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  • Part 1: Understanding Facebook Advertising. Isn’t Facebook just a social media platform? Discover why you should be advertising on Facebook.
  • Part 2: Being Compliant With Facebook. Learn how to make Facebook happy by making sure your ads and landing page are fully compliant with their policies.
  • Part 3: Setting Up Your Facebook Page. Before you start advertising on Facebook, you need a Facebook Page. Learn how to set it up in a 5 easy steps.
  • Part 4: Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Account. This is where you set up Facebook advertising. Learn how to set up and use your business ad account like a pro.
  • Part 5: Understanding Facebook Ad Types & Objectives. What do you want your ads to achieve? In this segment, learn about different advertising objectives and ad types to best promote your business.
  • Part 6: Finding Your Target Audience. Your targeting can make or break your ad campaign. In this segment, you will learn how to use tools within and outside of Facebook to help you pinpoint your target audience.
  • Part 7: Prepping For Your Facebook Campaign. Before you start creating your Facebook campaign, there are couple important things you need to get the most bangs out of your advertising bucks!
  • Part 8: Setting Up Your First Facebook Campaign. Learn step-by-step on how to create your first Facebook campaign with tried-and-true tips you cannot find elsewhere and save your money big time.
  • Part 9: Optimizing Your Facebook Campaign. Keep an eye on important metrics that will boost your campaign results and find the exact audiences who are ready to give you their money.
  • Part 10: Understanding Power Editor. Learn how to use Power Editor and why you should use it no matter what. It will make your life a lot easier.
  • Part 11: Scaling Your Facebook Campaign. Once you have found which ad and targeting perform the best for your offer, it is time to scale your campaign. In this segment, you will learn how to capture more potential market share on Facebook.
  • Part 12: Re-targeting On Facebook. Part of scaling your campaign is to use retargeting. Learn what it is and how to take advantage of this powerful advertising strategy.

Modul 5: Introduction to Google AdWords Advertising

  • Part 1: Understanding Google. This is an introduction to Google Advertising. Understand all the networks within Google and how you can take advantage of them.
  • Part 2: Being Compliant With Google. Google has strict advertising policies. In this segment, you will learn all the do’s and don’ts to run a successful Google campaign.
  • Part 3: Understanding Google Search Network. Attract high quality traffic with Google search advertising. In this segment, you will learn how to create your first Google search campaign.
  • Part 4: Optimizing Your Search Campaign. Discover hidden features that can increase your search campaign ROI.
  • Part 5: Understanding Google Contextual Network. In this segment, you will learn how to set up a Google contextual campaign plus hidden features that can cost you an arm or a leg!
  • Part 6: Optimizing Your Contextual Campaign. Discover key elements to boost your campaign ROI. Most advertisers are not aware of these.
  • Part 7: Setting Up Google Display. Want to create banner ads? In this segment, you will learn everything you need to strive on the Google Display Network.
  • Part 8: Optimizing Your Display Ads. Discover important metrics and strategies to help you improve your display campaign ROI.
  • Part 9: Introduction To Google Remarketing. Reach your customers and prospects with tailored ad messages. In this segment, learn what remarketing is and how to set up your remarketing campaign.
  • Part 10: Advanced Tips On Leveraging Google. Discover advanced optimization tips to further scale your Google campaigns.
  • Part 11: The Goldmine Within Google. Discover how to use Google’s money to make your own money!
  • Part 12: The Power Of AdWords Editor. Learn how to manage multiple campaigns and ads with AdWords Editor. In this segment, you will learn how to take advantage of Google’s bulk ad management tool.

Modul 6: Introduction to Bing Advertising

  • Part 1: Understanding The Bing Network. This is an introduction to Bing advertising. Understand all the advertising methods and learn how you can take advantage of them.
  • Part 2: Being Bing Compliant. Get your campaign off Bing’s radar by learning how to create ads that comply with their policies!
  • Part 3: Setting Up Your Bing Search Campaign. Although Bing’s Search network is not as big as Google’s, it is still very powerful. Learn how to properly set up your first Bing search campaign.
  • Part 4: Optimizing Your Bing Search Campaign. Discover Hidden data and advanced optimization tips to improve your campaign ROI.
  • Part 5: Additional Tips On Bing. Learn about contextual advertising on Bing and how you can save time making mass campaign changes with Bing Ads Editor.

Modul 7: Penny-Click Mastery

  • Part 1: Introduction To In-Text Ads. This is an introduction to in-text advertising. In this segment, you will learn everything about in-text advertising and discover the best converting in-text advertising networks.
  • Part 2: Setting Up On 50OnRed. In this segment, you will learn how to set up your in-text advertising campaign on 50onRed including tips on how to optimize and scale your campaigns.
  • Part 3: Setting Up On TrafficVance. This is another in-text adverting network that converts well if you know what you’re doing. Learn how to set up the campaign properly including tips on how to improve your ROI.


On TOP of all of the above – you ALSO get access to QUITE a bit more including, but not limited to:

  • Bonus Training: 75 MINUTE Video Training Session on Direct Media Buying Secrets
  • Fred’s Power Sessions: Over 10 HOURS of Live Training on EVERYTHING above, plus a-lot more. These were done LIVE via Webinars and were recorded for you to enjoy and learn from!
  • Open Office Hours: LIVE Q&A Webinars – No Lesson Plan – Just Fred answering EVERY question you have! Over 6 MORE hours of HIGH QUALITY VIDEO TRAINING here!
  • A TON of Resources you can download immediately:
    • Resource #1: Display Banner Sizes Cheat Sheet
    • Resource #2: Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet
    • Resource #3: Facebook Ad Sizes & Dimensions Guide
    • Resource #4: Google Ad Sizes
    • Resource #5: Key Facebook Terms
    • Resource #6: Key Google Terms
    • Resource #7: Key Metrics Formula Sheet
    • Resource #8: Network Lists
    • Resource #9: Online Advertising Basics
    • Resource #10: Useful Web Tools
    • Resource #11: Webpage Layout
    • Resource #12: Financial Worksheet
    • Resource #13: IMPORTANCE OF LCV
    • Resource #14: Daily Profit Report
    • Resource #15: Split Testing Checklist

Hopefully this iPro Academy Review can provide you with some information on why this program works and can help any person get on the right path to making money online. Internet marketing is constantly evolving, and the opportunities are endless on the web if you make wise choices and learn from only the best.

iPro Academy is filled with the information that can help you achieve massive success with Internet marketing. Investing in this new program can help you get on the right path to making more money online.

iPro Academy course is checked with great success!!!

So, What are you still awaiting? Go on and join iPro Academy now!

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iPro Academy Course

Fred Lam has been involved with paid advertising for over a decade and now he’s launching the iPro Academy course to the world.

Who Is Fred Lam?

fred lam

Fred Lam is a paid marketing ninja that has built multiple businesses from the ground up to generating millions of dollars annually. He’s known as one of the most sought-after media buyers in the entire internet marketing world which means he really knows his stuff.

Fred’s a consultant for some of the largest corporations on the planet, many of which you would know off the top of your head. When it comes to paid advertising Fred has spent millions of dollars on ad spend and he knows how to deliver high-quality traffic at pennies on the dollar.

Fred Lam also live in Las Vegas for the Inbox Blueprint Live event a few months back, his presentation was stuffed with so much content on paid advertising he couldn’t get through half of it.

What Is iPro Academy All About?

Inside the iPro Academy Course, Fred is teaching students how to get an unlimited amount of super targeted traffic to your websites, offers, and lead pages from all the top sources on the net.

He’s literally pulling back the curtain on his business and showing you how to replicate his techniques and slash your ad cost by half or more.

Here’s a few of the paid strategies Fred’s covering in the members area :

  • Master all types of Facebook advertising to deliver qualified traffic that’s ready to buy!
  • Tap into Google and generate low cost clicks while complying with their rules and regulations
  • Fred’s never before released traffic strategy for siphoning traffic from the largest websites for PENNIES on the dollar
  • How to make huge ROI with penny click traffic from the top CPV networks on the planet
  • Buy low-cost, high-quality traffic from Google while easily complying with their many rules and regulations!
  • A lot more..

iPro Academy is a structured program your list can run at their own pace. We set them up for success by providing Community, Training, Coaches, as well as Fred’s own million-dollar insights.

What’s Included In Your Membership?

Fred’s Million Dollar Training – This is the foundation of the iPro Academy course and it’s broker down into step by step modules that are easy to digest and take action on.

Live Training Sessions – Get on live training calls with the creator of iPro Academy, Fred Lam. Get your questions answered by the product creator himself!

Personal Coaches – If you ever have a question about the training or setting up your paid traffic campaigns you can talk to your coach and get around an obstacle in hours, not months or YEARS!

Community – iPro Academy has a community of students who are already successful with Fred’s paid traffic strategies and new students as well. Get your questions answered by your peers, the people following through with the same exact training as you!

What Else Should You Know About iPro Academy?

The course is broken down step by step and you’ll be able to get instant access to the training and start training at your own pace.

Everything that you need to succeed with the system is included inside your membership.

Fred is going to cover the most profitable paid traffic techniques that he’s using and those include PPC with Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as other stealth strategies like CPV traffic and every form of Facebook paid traffic out there.

After you complete the training you’ll know exactly how to take your business to the 6 and even 7 figure mark with paid traffic.

If you ever have any questions or obstacles in your way you can reach out to the community or to your personal coach who will guide you on your path to success.